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Logbook. Itinerary #2 Berlin

High Mountains Records Logbook Berlin
Release Date: August 28, 2015
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We sometimes experience a need of escaping responsibilities and start procrastinating. And it isn’t just that, it is a bigger need: a wild wish for freedom. The city of Berlin became Pyrénées’ escape after his first visit in 2009. London was full of difficult thoughts and responsibilities. England made it hard to find his real inner needs, and the busy life style made it difficult to face reality. Since then, Berlin’s got a big importance in Pyrénées’ life, is it his home for a few months every year.

Itinerary #2 Berlin is the second EP of the six parts project Logbook (You can check Itinerary #1 Barcelona, released the 07/31/15). This new chapter presents six tracks about Pyrénées’ explorations of himself while being in Berlin last year.

Pyrenees - Logbook Itinerary 2 Berlin