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Mixtape ∫2 – Cauto

Release Date: June 21, 2016
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Capricious track selection is what Cauto brings along for this new mixtape. Plenty of funk, jazz, tropicalia, etc. an eclectic mix where we find spoken word and lost gems emerging from piles of vinyls covered in dust.

Cauto was born in a family full of musicians. Harmony and music theory were part of his language since very young but during his teen years, he directed his mind towards hip hop and graffiti, fact which possibly influenced the Cauto we know nowadays.

A lover of syncopation, atypical sound and dense atmosphere. Never committed to a style but strongly attached to his MPC, Cauto projects a breeze of Rave sounds and Soul sensitivity, with aromas of a wet grass, damp land and bonfire smoke.

We hope you enjoy this mixtape as much as we do!

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