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Logbook. Itinerary #4 Don Benito S/S

High Mountains Records Logbook Don Benito SS
Release Date: October 30, 2015
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That point in your life where you quit everything when you less expect it. Putting your dreams, purposes and all the success achieved so far aside. Everything with the intention of finding your origins and heal the inside of you.

This is what Don Benito means for Pyrénées, a place to start again. A place to find his inner self that no longer seemed to be inside of him. From a long trip to Extremadura from London with heavy luggage, to magic discoveries in the flat region of Badajoz. In this chapter (S/S), Pyrénées let us see his first months in this area of Spain. A warm and confusing side with exciting chords, but still, with signs of bitterness.

Pyrenees - Logbook Itinerary 4 Don Benito